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Stamford Stone is one of the leading natural stone suppliers in the UK for limestone and masonry.

Inside and out, we make buildings more beautiful.

Talk to us if you’re an architect, developer, contractor, builders’ merchant, renovator, self-builder, professional or just an enthusiast with creative ideas!

Whatever you need, we’ll do our best to find it, supply it, design it, carve it and craft it!

Did you know…?

Lincolnshire limestone (particularly our own Clipsham limestone) has been used for centuries in buildings such as the Palace of Westminster, Windsor Castle and the Oxford colleges.

The Egyptians may have beaten us to it with the Pyramids but we’re proud to help preserve some of the most iconic buildings in our Great British heritage as well as pave the way for a sustainable future.

Lincolnshire limestone remains the most renowned of all limestones, frequently specified by planners and architects nationwide in place of Bath stone, Portland stone and Ketton stone. Many builders prefer the aesthetics of using natural stone over reconstituted or cast stone. The innate elegance of stone gives buildings a timeless quality and the durability of our local limestone has been proven over the centuries: its ever popular honey colouring blends in perfectly with a variety of landscapes, from the sleek lines of the City of London to quaint village properties.

Here at Stamford Stone, we come with pedigree. This area has a rich history for limestone as Stamford was proclaimed by Sir Walter Scott to be “the finest stone town in England” and declared a conservation area in 1967. Our much loved market town has more than 600 listed buildings of mellow limestone in the town centre including five medieval churches.

Find out more about how to use this wonderful stone in your building, renovation and landscaping projects by contacting us on 01780 740970.

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Recent Projects

Alltech House gets the Stamford Stone Treatment

Stamford Stone Co. is delighted to have been chosen to supply the stone for new UK Headquarters of the Alltech Group. The principal Contractor for the project was John Paul Construction, who as part of the overall project were required to demolish…


Stamford Stone produce the finest quality English limestone at a price that is surprisingly affordable. As a novice self-builder whose architects and contractors were not very familiar with this material, I needed particular help with the design and detailed specification. Stamford did this work expertly and efficiently and I felt that my hand and been held throughout the process.