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Quarry Visits for Architects

We understand the importance of provenance and sustainability combined with cost-efficiency for today’s architects. You might be building a new house, scoping a development or embarking on a heritage restoration.

Knowing that the stone you choose has been quarried in the UK, is responsibly processed and is already a favourite for commercial and restoration projects is very reassuring.

So if you’re an architect or specifier, spending some time with us will show you first-hand why our limestone is the natural choice for your projects.

We’ll give you a tour of one of our quarries so you can see how our stone is extracted, the stringent quality checks it goes through and meet the people behind the process.

When you work with stone, nothing beats being able to see and feel this very special material.

What you can look forward to:

  • Witnessing how raw block from the quarries is transformed into masonry and walling stone used in restoration projects such as the Palace of Westminster.
  • Watching how the raw blocks are split by hand using a sledgehammer – there’s no obligation, but one brave visitor had a go himself during our inaugural tour!
  • Enjoying a short coach trip from Clipsham Medwells Quarry to Swaddywell Quarry, via historic Stamford, renowned for its beautiful stone.
  • Refreshments in our showroom
  • A visit to our limestone flooring tile production line
  • Insight into our quality control processes – our customers only get the best!
  • Live demonstration of how to hand carve a fireplace

“All at Ross Thain Architects enjoyed a private tour around Stamford Stone Co. The day consisted of a trip to the quarry where we saw the stone at its source and then back at the factory where the stone is processed, forming fireplaces, lintels, walling and flooring that we regularly specify in our projects. The day was very enjoyable and informative for all of us.”

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Tom McGlynn from Niall McLaughlin Architects explains why his practice chooses natural stone.

Traditional materials that have stood the test of time are less likely to go in and out of fashion and so these give our architecture a timeless quality. With stone we appreciate the whole-life cost benefits – it is robust, long-lasting, requires minimal ongoing maintenance and ages gracefully. Building with stone involves traditional detailing and craftsmanship and so stone buildings are generally well-built and built to last. In this way, we consider natural stone as a key contributor to sustainable building and this is enhanced by sourcing stone that is local to any project’s site.”

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