Environmental Policy

Stamford Stone Company Ltd recognises that businesses can have a negative impact on the environment. We are committed, and enjoy, finding ways in which we can reduce the impact of our work.

It is our policy to:

Waste Reduction

  • Reduce the amount of waste material hauled by scanting blocks 2 sides before they leave the quarry (Clipsham Medwells).
  • Recycle all waste material possible, into by products such as rockery stone, lime dust.


  • Keep energy usage low, investigate further energy saving opportunities and with funding from the carbon trust.


  • Source 95% of our block stone within 20 miles of our works site. 
  • 85% of our haulage to be in house, using our modern motor fleet with Euro5 diesel engines which are efficient and low polluting.
  • Organize transport of part loads in multi drops to reduce unnecessary journeys.


  • We use packaging only to the extent appropriate to ensure safe handling, storage and transport, minimizing the risk of damage to the product.
  • We collect pallets on return loads, repair where necessary and reuse.


  • Rainwater harvesting systems in place at quarry and works site.
  • Water filtration plant on works site recycles 100% of our water used in production.


  • Limit the use of paper wherever possible. For example, sending quote documents as PDF files.
  • Avoid the use of postal services, saving on transportation and on paper (envelopes). For example, emailing invoices and statements of account.
  • Avoid unnecessary travel by making use of telephone and email.
  • We aim to regularly review our Environmental Policy and seek to reduce our impact each and every year.