Stone Fireplaces

Our master stonemasons have often been asked to add the finishing touches to some of our beautiful projects with an exceptional stone fireplace. Thanks to word of mouth recommendations, we’ve evolved this element of our business and are delighted to launch our own collection of fireplace surrounds to meet increasing demand.

All our fireplace surrounds are carved by hand using only limestone from the famous Lincolnshire belt rather than water jets like mass market manufacturers. Every fireplace has a unique appearance that will be untouched by time and simply mellow and mature, given limestone’s wonderful ability to improve with age.

We make every fireplace to order, so once you’ve decided on your design, we can help you come to the right decision based on your room size, depth of the fireplace and preferred features.

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The Barnack FireplaceThe Barnack
Strong architectural form gives The Barnack a timeless appeal whilst detailing on both mantles add refinement.

£1425 +VAT

View CAD drawing

The HambletonThe Hambleton
The Hambleton epitomises traditional styling. The strong Tudor arch complemented by the decorative mouldings creates a stunning focal point.

£1695 +VAT

View CAD drawing

The BaintonThe Bainton
The Bainton has evolved from the Queen Anne design of the early 18th Century. Opulent curves and pure lines make a striking impression in any room.

£1750 +VAT

View CAD drawing

The BurghleyThe Burghley
Based on an 18th Century French provincial design, The Burghley’s elegant, sweeping lines and grand proportions create an impressive chimneypiece perfect for larger rooms.

£1925 +VAT

View CAD drawing


The EltonThe Elton
The Elton provides a modern twist on a historical design. Simple, architectural curves, lend a softer look to most interiors.

£1395 +VAT

View CAD drawing

The AshtonThe Ashton
The Ashton’s simplicity lets the beauty of the natural material shine through. Its clean lines suit contemporary interiors.

£1150 +VAT

View CAD drawing

Bespoke Service
We can design and manufacture fire surrounds of any specification, regardless of intricacy, complexity or size.  The experience and knowledge of our skilled craftsmen enables us to create a diverse selection of surrounds from historical reproductions to minimalist, contemporary designs, all underpinned by our commitment to quality and superior service.

Our intimate knowledge of English limestone combined with the skill of our master masons and our design expertise means that we are able to produce a fireplace, working from photographs, magazine cuttings, sketches or drawings.

Bespoke FireplacesBespoke FireplacesBespoke Fireplaces

To speak to us about our hand carved fireplaces, call us on 01780 740970 or email us

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