Maintenance and aftercare

How to preserve and protect stone in your home

maintenance-mod1Your natural stone will give you many years of pleasure if you look after it correctly. Limestone is generally very easy to maintain.

We recommend cleaning your stone by vacuuming then cleaning with a steam mop – do not use commercial cleaning agents with harsh chemicals like bleach or acid which may cause discoloration and dark patches. Instead ask your installer to inform you of the sealant brand and source their maintenance product, e.g. Lithofin After-Care.


Why should I seal my natural stone?

Without being sealed, stone is porous and might absorb spillages which leave marks. Sealing and protecting a stone will make it easier to clean and more resistant to stains and scratches.

Natural stone should be sealed after installation and then once every one to two years, depending on where it is used. Ask our expert stonemasons for more advice if you’re not sure.


What can I use to seal my stone and where can I buy it?

maintenance-lithofinmodFor floors, we recommend applying Lithofin Stain/Stop or Eco sealant in two coats – let the first coat dry completely before applying the second. This will build up the level of resistance and fortify the stone. You’ll know it’s sealed properly when water beads and forms droplets on the surface. For a subtle sheen, you can apply Lithofin Care Seal.

For tiles, it’s a good idea to apply an impregnator sealant like Lithofin Stain Stop prior to grouting and then again after grouting.

Top tips

        • Dust mop floors frequently
        • Clean surfaces with very mild detergent
        • Thoroughly rinse and dry surfaces after washing
        • Mop up any spillages as soon as possible, especially if they are oily, acidic or red wine!
        • Protect floor surfaces with non-slip mats or rugs
        • Avoid using vinegar, lemon juice or other cleaners containing acids
        • Avoid using abrasive cleaners that contain acid such as bathroom cleaners, grout cleaners

For help, advice or any other queries, please feel free to contact us on 01780 740970.

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