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Nothing beats handling materials yourself. As architects, you need to be confident about the stone that you choose for your projects.

We can send you a sample so that you can see, feel and experience the quality of our stone and understand what make it a perfect choice for sustainable building.

To request your sample presented in a trug, simply fill in the form below:

What is a trug?

The trug became famous after a certain Mr Thomas Smith showed them at the Great Exhibition in 1851. Queen Victoria was taken with them, and ordered some for members of the Royal Family. Once he’d finished the order, legend has it that Mr Smith loaded the trugs into a wheelbarrow and walked all the way from Herstmonceux in East Sussex to Buckingham Palace - trusting no-one else with his precious cargo. Trugs became indispensable for agriculture – such was their importance that their makers were exempt from being called up in wartime! Nowadays you’ll find trugs used for gathering flowers and berries, carrying or displaying logs, as scoops for the fishing industry and in stables and farmyards. We think they’re a perfect fit for our limestone, too.

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