Natural stone has been an intrinsic part of building history for thousands of years. No other material offers so many benefits: high thermal capacitance, durability, sustainability, green attributes, allergy friendly (no off gases) and great design flexibility.

It’s a homogenous choice, too. When you’re contemplating future building – especially for extensions or adding to existing structures – its consistency is a bonus. This is especially true for the heritage sector, where sympathetic restorations are very desirable.

Locally quarried limestone

Our local stone tells its own rich story. Formed from calcium carbonate combined with layers of minerals, sediment, skeletons and shells fossilised millions of years ago, it’s buried deep in the heart of the land around us.

It’s a truly appealing material, boasting warm cream and honey tones with subtle patterns, giving it real authenticity and character.

You’ll find it ideal for distinctive features such as columns, linths and cornices as well as easily adaptable for ambitious building projects.

A sustainable solution

What other material has stood the test of time so successfully? As well as its resilience and durability, natural stone has been capturing our hearts and minds since the Pyramids.

Much more thought now goes into planning environmentally-friendly buildings. For us, using the past to invest in the future signifies the right balance. It’s a way of conserving resources. It also reduces the need for artificial man-made materials and anchors us in history so that future generations benefit.

Technology has progressed, working practices have changed and natural stone is now a cost-effective alternative for builders, specifiers and architects. Limestone in particular is easy to extract and to cut, carve and sculpt in our workshops.

We recognise that we have a duty of care to the land and take our responsibility to protecting resources very seriously. You can read more about this at Environment and Sustainability.

So if you’re looking for a versatile material that can be shaped or fixed to suit diverse design briefs, give us a call. Thanks to our familiarity with stone selection and a practical understanding of its capabilities, you’ll receive expert advice, whatever your project.

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