Block Stone

Block StoneStamford Stone Company supply best quality block stone to masonry companies nationwide.

Blocks are extracted from the quarry face by plugs and feathers after drilling (We never use blasting techniques, ensuring that the blocks leave the quarry in perfect condition). Each block is selected by our very experienced quarry team for customer purpose.

Clipsham Medwell quarry is unique because the quarry beds that we extract walling stone from (beds A-F, collectively known as bed 2) are very similar in colour and composition maintaining continuity in our supply. Beds 3 and 4 contain a hard limestone with a close pore structure, ideal for masonry work and feature stones masonry and internal flooring.

Blocks available at 2 – 10 tonnes, with approximately 12ft³ per tonne. Investment in a Fantini bridge chain saw in 2004 at the quarry allows us not only to supply  premium blocks, but also sawn 2 side blocks, minimising waste leaving the quarry.

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The past

Clipsham LimestoneClipsham limestone is well established in history, used in buildings such as Windsor Castle in the 14th century, Cambridge colleges and since the 1930s in restoration projects for The House of Commons. Thanks to its specification in historical buildings and ongoing popularity with stonemasons, it has earned an enduring reputation in conservation/restoration projects and new developments nationwide.


The present

Clipsham limestone is the most renowned of all the Lincolnshire limestones, frequently specified by planners and architects nationwide in place of Bath, Portland and Ketton stone. Its durability and malleability has been proven over the centuries. Its ever popular honey colouring sits perfectly in the majority of limestone landscapes, from the City of London to Cotswold stone villages.


The future

Clipsham Medwells QuarryWe are currently planning our next phase of extraction at Medwells at the northern tip, which will guarantee our block supply for the next 30 years. Aware of our ethical and environmental responsibility, we have commissioned an assessment of the potential landscape and visual impacts of the extension, and are planning the progressive (phased and final) restoration programme, taking into account practical operational issues, landscape and visual assessments, local landscape character, and landscape and conservation designations and aspirations. The aftercare programme sets out the general steps to be carried out to conserve the soil resources of the development area and to maximise the establishment success of the areas to be seeded and planted, to enhance the landscape, biodiversity, geodiversity and amenity value. Click here to view the final restoration plan of Clipsham Medwells Quarry.


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