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We specialise in sourcing natural stone for construction from quarries that we own and operate. Our masonry stone helps architects, designers and house builders create wonderfully enduring buildings.

History in the making

Building with stone dates from ancient times. There’s a natural flow to it that transcends generations. Some say the art of stonemasonry is the very foundation of civilisation – when humans first learned to make and use tools.

In mediaeval times, a stonemason combined the roles of architect, builder, craftsman, designer and engineer. It’s a concept we still believe in and it’s why we offer a full service from design to installation.

As a result, our experience with using masonry stone in construction brings expertise to every project. We blend ancient masonry techniques with modern technology. This results in stone that’s accurately cut and skilfully carved with minimal waste.

Choose locally quarried limestone for your masonry projects

Lincolnshire limestone was formed in Jurassic times. It’s the result of calcium deposits in subterranean lakes infused with fossilized shells.

This natural availability makes it the oldest building material known to mankind.  It’s also one of the most sustainable. Build with stone and you’ll have peace of mind that no harmful chemicals, toxins or pollutants are released from it.

The area where we live and work is part of the famous Lincolnshire oolithic belt. Consequently, we have access to the finest limestone for your masonry project.

Masonry stone as a flexible, durable building solution

Architects and designers value masonry stone for its colour, texture, and overall aesthetic appeal. It also offers high thermal capacitance and incredible durability. As a construction material, masonry stone can control sound and insulate against fluctuating temperatures.

Furthermore, it’s also very popular with environmentally conscious builders. Local provenance is an advantage as well as reduced energy consumption and the need for minimal maintenance.

Specialist suppliers of masonry stone

You’re in safe hands. Every item is cut to order, giving you maximum versatility with sizing and moulding. Our master stonemasons are happy to work with architects’ drawings, your own specification or CAD briefs.

Need help with technical drawings?

Ask us about our full draughtsman service.  This will help save time, installation costs, and you’ll avoid potential mistakes in measurements and materials.

Take a look at our case studies to see how successfully our masonry stone has been used across the UK.

Whatever the nature or scope of your construction project, we can certainly help. You can get in touch with us here or call us on 01780 740970.

Chimney Gable/Paraphet Coping Corbel / Kneeler Quion String Courses Door Surrounds, Porches, Porticos Architectural features - Columns, Pilasters & Capitals Head (with or without Keystone) Jamb Cill Plinth Pier Cap

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