The rise of the wood burning stove

November 13, 2013   |   By

It seems since the clocks have turned back, winter is now upon us and enquiries for our Hand carved English limestone fireplaces are once again on the rise. Although we carry a standard collection, they are anything but “standard”. Each surround is designed and made to order, taking into account room and opening size, design features and what fire type it will be surrounding… and we are seeing a growing trend towards wood burning stoves.

limestone surround log burner

The recession, coupled with rising energy prices have no doubt been the catalyst in the popularity of wood burners as families look for the most cost effective ways to heat their homes (an average family can expect to save £400 per year). A wood burner can provide multi-purpose heating, its eco credential are constantly improving, some now using ‘cleanburn’ technology (which introduce pre-heated air into the smoke at the top of the firebox to combust the hydrocarbons in the smoke, resulting in less pollution). Stoves are manufactured using cast iron or steel, which running at up to 87% efficiency (compared to the 25% for a traditional open coal fire).

A wood-burning stove isn’t just an efficient, functional means to heat your home, it’s also a very attractive focal point in your living room. It makes sense then that you would want to frame it, which is where our Hand carved English limestone fireplaces come in, a limestone fire surround turns an attractive focal point into a stunning feature!

limestone carved log burner

At Stamford Stone Company, alongside our fireplace collection, we offer an entirely bespoke service, undertaking design and manufacture of fire surrounds of any description, regardless of its intricacy or size, be it a historical reproduction or the most contemporary design. With our knowledge of English limestone, skill of our master masons and experience in the design, we can produce a fireplace, working from photographs, magazine cuttings, sketches or drawings.

Whether you choose a fireplace from our collection or a bespoke fire surround design, they are all  hand carved by our team of stonemasons using only limestone from the famous lincolnshire oolithic belt. Formed over millions of years in layers known as beds, each containing variations in colour intermingled with fossils, ensures each fireplace has a unique appearance that (unlike many materials that deteriorate over time) mellows and improves with age.

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