Stamford / Clipsham walling stone – a high quality material for a high quality finish

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When it comes to construction, architecture, and redevelopment projects, you only get out what you put in and that relates to raw materials as well as time and effort. If you want your finished product to wow and to be something you can be proud of for years to come, then you simply must use the best materials which will help to translate your vision to reality.

clipsham limestone walling stone

Stamford or Clipsham walling stone offers many benefits for small and large projects alike. It’s a versatile material and offers a high quality, attractive finish.

Characteristics of Stamford / Clipsham walling stone

clipsham limestone stone

Clipsham walling stone is a honey coloured form of limestone which is found as part of the Lincolnshire limestone formation and has long been used in construction and restoration projects. It has historically been particularly popular in the Lincolnshire town of Stamford, which is what leads the stone to often be referred to as Stamford stone.

So-called ‘Stamford stone’ is an integral part of the town’s heritage and identity, having been used to construct the beautiful and historic 17th and 18th century buildings for which the town is famous. The popularity, historical importance, and beauty of these buildings are thought to have gone a long way toward the town being named Britain’s first conservation area, as well as persuading a number of producers to base the filming of such films and TV shows as Middlemarch and Pride and Prejudice in the town.

If this brief history and description of Stamford or Clipsham walling stone has piqued your interest but you are still unsure whether it is the right choice for your project, then the following additional benefits of the use of this stone may sway you.

Uses and benefits of Stamford / Clipsham walling stone

clipsham limestone

This beautiful limestone walling stone is popular with many in the construction industry due to the fact that it is sawn on bed in heights of 65, 90, 115, and 140mm.

This is a huge practical advantage as it makes the stone much easier to lay. As such it can be used by standard bricklayers rather than having to be laid by specialist stonemasons, which can be the case with some traditionally random coursed stone. As well as making a project much simpler and potentially quicker to complete, this can also save you a good deal of money without having any effect on the end quality of the job.

A less practical, but equally notable, benefit of using Stamford or Clipsham stone comes from the historical uses which the stone has been put to in the past. This particular brand of limestone has famously been used as part of buildings such as Windsor Castle, King’s College Chapel in Cambridge, and the Houses of Parliament. Therefore, using the stone in your own projects automatically evokes feelings of history, beauty, and quality in those who view the building due to that rarefied company that your construction will keep.