Using limestone flooring with bi-folding doors

March 04, 2015   |   By

One of the most popular and commonly undertaken projects in the areas of home improvement and redevelopment, is that of creating an outdoor patio or entertainment area which can be accessed by bi-folding doors. This is something that has come as a result of an increasing desire for open plan living.

limestone flooring bifold doors

That kind of setup is becoming more and more fashionable as it allows properties to make the most of their outdoor space, no matter how limited. It also creates a free-flowing and relaxed throughway from an indoor living area to the outdoors.

When undertaken correctly too, the installation of such an external patio area, and the exit to it, can also add a good deal of value to a property. The key if you are considering such a project therefore, is to ensure that you complete it to the highest possible standard, and that includes making the transition from indoors to outdoors as smooth and seamless as possible.

It is in search of such a seamless transition, that many interior designers, contractors, and developers look toward the option of utilising both indoor and outdoor limestone flooring to link the two areas.

Things to bear in mind

In an ideal world, the easiest way to ensure a smooth and attractive transition from indoors to outdoors would be to install the same limestone flooring, both inside and out. However, Britain’s harsh winters make the use of much interior limestone flooring outdoors unviable due to potential frost damage. A solution to those issues however, is found with the use of our Hammersmith limestone flooring.

Hammersmith limestone flooring

Hammersmith Limestone Flooring

Sourced from outside of the UK, and formed in such a way that gives it a more weather resistant nature, our Hammersmith limestone flooring is ideal for exterior use. It stands up to the extremes of temperature more effectively than traditional English limestone and also has an etched surface which makes the stone slip resistant when wet.

Those features which make it ideal for external use however, do not mean that the Hammersmith flooring can’t meld beautifully with traditional limestone flooring used indoors. This is the case as it still has the same warm, yet stylish neutral tones as traditional English limestone and is also manufactured in the same format of 500mm x Random Lengths x 20mm stone to fit with the patterns of internal flooring.

What’s more, the inherent benefits of using limestone flooring as part of an interior design or development project, being that it is hard-wearing, low maintenance and a great long term investment, continue to hold true in these circumstances.

Using Hammersmith limestone tile in the exterior and combining it with traditional English limestone internal flooring, is a high quality and beautiful way to produce an entertainment area which seamlessly combines the indoors and outdoors.

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