Aggregate supply and muck away services, essential for any construction project

March 19, 2015   |   By

If you work within, or are in any way associated with, the construction industry then you will not need to be told about the importance of good quality and reliably available aggregate to the smooth running of construction and building projects. Having a trustworthy source of such vital raw materials can after all, ensure the continued productivity of a site, and using the highest quality aggregate also ensures that the standard of the job remains at the highest level.

stamford stone aggregate supply

Choosing the right aggregate supply

With the above in mind, it is crucial to source and select the right aggregate supplier, so why would you make any other choice than aggregate from the Greetham Quarry in the East Midlands? The quarry is ideally located just two miles from the A1 and as such the timely supply and delivery of aggregate is all but ensured, or if you prefer, collection services can also be arranged.

What’s more, the aggregate on offer covers a range of 20mm, 50mm, 75mm clean, and 100mm down aggregate, which is supplied either in bulk or in smaller loads to suit the prospective project. That makes it ideal for projects as varied as major construction works, road building, or even projects as small as producing the bases for sheds or gazebos.

As if the reliability and range of the aggregate on offer from the Greetham Quarry weren’t enough, the quality, consistency, and continuity of the product can also be assured. This is the case as the maintenance of and reinvestment in plant at the quarry ensures that the aggregate produced to relevant specifications for size and grading will be exactly as it should be time and time again.

Now that you have learned of all of those reasons why the Greetham Quarry sourced aggregate is the educated choice, you may be wondering what other services are available.

Muck away and agricultural lime

Muck away agricultural lime

As well as ensuring the reliable supply of high quality aggregate, we can provide ‘muck away’ services, ridding you of the spoil which is produced as a result of construction earthworks. This is crucial to helping ensure the smooth running of your site and to be certain of the trustworthy and safe disposal of the spoil.

Alongside removing spoil and supplying high quality aggregate, Greetham Quarry is also be the source of potentially vital agricultural lime. This is an important farming supplement which is widely used to help maximise crop yields and minimise the use of other, more costly fertilisers. Agricultural lime can be supplied in bulk from the quarry.

It is well established that liming holds the key to improving crop growth and yields. This works by limiting the adverse effects of high soil acidity through the alkaline nature of the calcium carbonate, which is the primary active component of agricultural lime. Being able to source this farming supplement in bulk from a reliable supplier, such as Greetham Quarry, therefore is crucial, and massively beneficial to anybody involved in the agricultural sector.

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