Beautifully carved fireplaces – complement the heart of your home

April 10, 2015   |   By

Interior design and decorating projects are important, they are how we make our house into a home and home enhancement projects are something that many of us carry out on a regular basis. Creating homes that look and feel exactly the way that we want them to has continually fuelled the UK’s ever growing DIY industry, but what if you are looking for something a little bit different?

bespoke limestone fireplace detail

If you are in the process of redecorating or remodelling the interior of your home or another property, then a great way to ensure that a room will have a real wow factor is to include a beautifully designed and hand carved fireplace that will not only be a fantastic focal point for your home, but will stand the test of time. Hand carved fireplaces from the experienced masons here at Stamford Stone are well worth the time and investment.

Benefits of beautifully bespoke limestone fireplaces

bespoke limestone fireplace

  1. Long lasting quality

When talking about the positive aspects of choosing a limestone fireplace to grace any room, it is impossible to start with anything other than aesthetics. As if the beautiful and attention-grabbing appearance of the fireplace as soon as it is placed were not enough, if you choose a natural limestone fireplace then that appearance will actually even improve over time.

The limestone actually weathers over time, giving a beautiful and unique appearance for years to come. Aside from being an obvious advantage in that it ensures the long term attractiveness and striking nature of any room, this is also important as it shows that a natural limestone fireplace can prove to be a shrewd long term investment and a great addition to any room.

  1. Individuality and craftsmanship

Sticking with the aesthetic advantages of choosing a natural limestone fireplace, it is also a huge benefit appreciated by many that these beautiful fire surrounds are also truly unique items. Each and every one is fully bespoke and hand carved based on your requirements, as opposed to the mass manufactured options, which are cheaper but widespread and identical to one another. Something that is not ideal if you are looking to make a statement.

As well as guaranteeing individuality, the fact that these natural limestone fireplace are expertly hand carved also gives them the effortless appearance of quality which can only come with an item crafted by a true artisan rather than having been mass sawn in a factory.

  1. Ethicality and spirit

Beauty and appearance, although important, are not the only benefits of our fireplaces. You may also be interested to know that our natural limestone fireplaces are also ethically sound.

The limestone used is sourced and quarried from the Lincolnshire formation in England, which is proven to be far more ethically sound than the extraction methods used with cheap imported limestone. What’s more, knowing this provenance of the raw material just adds to the feeling of superiority created by our natural limestone fireplaces as opposed to bland and soulless reconstituted limestone or concrete surrounds.

To see some examples of our hand carved, natural limestone fireplaces, click here or arrange to visit our showroom.