Walling Stone – It’s not ‘All the Same Stuff’

June 30, 2015   |   By

We at Stamford Stone are proud to be one of the UK’s leading and most respected suppliers of natural limestone walling stone and as such welcome the opportunity to talk to prospective customers about what we can offer them.

natural limestone walling stone

The Clipsham walling supplied by Stamford Stone is on the right in this image…

Those conversations often begin with the question of why prices of walling stone differ when what is provided is ‘all the same stuff’, and the answer is simply that the assertion that it is all the same couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, there are three main areas which explain how our natural limestone walling stone differs greatly from the cheaper alternatives available from builder’s merchants or other suppliers.

The Limestone Itself

The Clipsham stone that we provide as high quality walling stone boasts a beautifully natural and traditional variation in colour and tone which gives any building a feeling of class and elegance. It is for that very reason that this type of stone has been used as a masonry and building stone for centuries and features in historic and iconic buildings like the King’s College Chapel in Cambridge and York Minster.

Cheaper versions of walling stone which are reproduced to resemble real natural Clipsham stone however, have starker colours and tones, giving a more artificial overall appearance. Those alternatives also tend to crop with harsher edges, and that combined with the less tonal colours mean that they look like exactly what they are; a cheaper facsimile of the real thing.

Production and Quality Control

Because we are so proud of the natural Clipsham stone that we provide to our customers, we at Stamford Stone do everything in our power to ensure that our walling stone reaches its final destination in the best possible condition.

What that means is that we only palletise the highest standard of walling stone that can be unloaded and used immediately and subject all stone that leaves us to strict production and quality control. That ensures therefore, that our customers only ever receive top class walling stone, will not discover broken, useless rubble at the centre of any pallet and therefore won’t have to cope with the costly wastage that could result.


natural limestone walling stone clipsham quarry

Stamford Stone are dedicated to maintaining a supply of beautiful natural limestone to our customers for years to come, and it is for that reason that we also take sustainability so seriously. To that end, we own our two quarries and utilise all stone extracted and invest heavily in environmental restoration projects.

All of that helps to ensure both a sustainable supply of top quality limestone for years to come and that the beautiful Lincolnshire landscape will be restored to its very best once the quarry is exhausted.

All the Same?

When you choose to utilise natural Clipsham walling stone within your project therefore, what you get is a more attractive raw material that is subject to higher production standards and stricter quality control, and which is extracted in a sustainable manner to protect the environment. Quite a different story then, from the cheaper alternatives which are sometimes described as being ‘the same stuff’.