National House Builders Showing Increased Appetite for Natural Limestone

July 14, 2015   |   By

As well as providing the materials for beautiful bespoke projects, Stamford Stone are always delighted to supply national house builders with gorgeous natural limestone for their exciting, large-scale developments. With that in mind, we’re thrilled to be providing Taylor Wimpey with no less than 4086 square metres of Clipsham Stone for the first phase of an impressive Lincolnshire development of theirs.

Stamford Manor at Exeter Fields

Taylor wimpey stamford manor Lincolnshire limestone

Taylor Wimpey’s Stamford Manor at Exeter Fields development is the first phase of a major development project situated on land to the south of Empingham Road in the town of Stamford in Lincolnshire. The eventual mixed-use development is likely to feature up to 400 new homes, as well as a ten hectare business park, a new neighbourhood centre, central green and enhanced landscaping.

All of those elements are part of the company’s grand vision ‘to create a sustainable and attractive mixed-use development’ and the use of beautiful Clipsham Stone could not fit that vision any better. In fact, there are a huge number of reasons why our Clipsham Stone has been chosen for this and a number of other similar developments undertaken by national house builders in recent months and years.

Clipsham Limestone for Housing Developments

Taylor wimpey stamford manor

The supply of 4086 square metres of Clipsham Stone to Taylor Wimpey for their Stamford Manor at Exeter Fields development is an example of a trend which has seen an upturn of late for national house builders. Recent developments with Persimmon Homes, Keir, Francis Jackson, Linden Homes and Taylor Wimpey have utilised our natural limestone in their projects. There are numerous reasons why the stone is increasingly being sourced by these developers and some of the most notable are as follows:

  • The natural tones and colour variations of natural limestone options such as Clipsham Stone, as well as the expert manner in which it is sawn and cropped, creates a truly gorgeous appearance that is never brash or in opposition to the existing landscape or properties.
  • Thanks to the natural and popular appearance which our natural limestone does indeed supply, it is also very popular with local planning authorities who always like new large developments to complement rather than detract from the surrounding landscape. This is particularly notable in Lincolnshire and the surrounding environs, where Clipsham Stone has been used in construction and landscaping for centuries.
  • As well as those two not insignificant advantages related to the aesthetics of our stone, there are also more practical benefits inherent in its use. For instance, the stone is both durable and weather resistant, making it perfect for use in external walls, outdoor landscaping or anything else which will be open to the elements.
  • Our expert sawing and cropping techniques, which include sawing on bed in heights of 65, 90, 115 and 140mm, make the natural stone easier to lay and means that it can be used by normal bricklayers rather than specialist stonemasons.

With all of that in mind, we at Stamford Stone are understandably excited to see how Taylor Wimpey’s Stamford Manor at Exeter Fields development progresses and hope that the trend of using Natural Limestone to produce attractive and sustainable developments continues pace.

Taylor wimpey stamford manor wall stone

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