Bath stone’s loss is Clipsham’s gain

January 09, 2016   |   By

Since the planning permission for the original Clipsham Quarry operated by Stamford Stone was renewed in April 2014, we have seen a real surge in the use of our beautiful Oolithic sedimentary limestone. This honey-hued stone, known as a durable and versatile masonry stone, is famed for its use in such notable buildings as the Palace of Westminster and Windsor Castle. In recent years, we have seen it specified in place of Bath stone, due to the planning and extraction quarrying issues this stone now faces.

clipsham stone replaces bath ketton stone

With Clipsham’s historical ties with Oxford and Cambridge, both universities and its planners have opted for Clipsham, in place of Bath and Ketton stone, to be used on new theatres, hotels and student accommodation in 2015/16. Indeed, architects and specifiers alike have been so keen on our stone during recent quarry visits, which we began earlier last year, admiring the quality and tone of the stone we produce. After such an increase in popularity, it looks like Clipsham shall rightly be put back on the map where it belongs, once again being recognised as one of the great British stones.

clipsham limestone in use

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