Why National House Builders are Choosing Natural Stone

May 22, 2017   |   By

Times are changing. Responsible housebuilders are now seeking to create sustainable developments in cost-effective and environmentally friendly ways, and are choosing natural stone as their preferred material. There’s a simple reason for this. Natural stone adds kerb appeal, saleability and a sense of permanence.

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Aesthetic appeal

The variations in colour and tone of natural limestone, as well as the expert manner in which it is sawn and cropped, creates a truly gorgeous appearance that is never brash or in opposition to existing landscape or properties.

Harmony with the environment

Thanks to its natural credentials, it is also very popular with planning authorities who prefer larger developments to complement rather than detract from the surrounding landscape.

Practical benefits

Natural stone is both durable and weather resistant, making it perfect for use in external walls, outdoor landscaping or anywhere that is exposed to the elements… and in these days of chemical hypersensitivity, it poses no threat to health, making it a favourite with families who seek a healthier atmosphere inside the home. (We also offer bespoke stone products, including fireplaces, cooker hoods, Belfast sinks and staircases to continue the theme internally as well as externally!)

Choose experts who own the quarries as well as supply the stone

While we’re renowned for our contribution to restorations and beautiful bespoke projects, we are also well placed to supply national housebuilders with gorgeous natural limestone for their exciting developments. We’ve worked closely with Taylor Wimpey, Linden Homes, Persimmon, McCarthy & Stone, Hereward Homes, Francis Jackson, Taylor Woodrow and Kier to bring the next generation of houses to people living all over the UK.

Owning the quarries as well as supplying the stone gives us flexibility and control that other companies may not be able to offer. Thanks to successful planning, our resources are guaranteed for the next 30+ years, allowing continuity of natural block stone supplies for new developments as well as the preservation of many of the nation’s most loved buildings which contain Clipsham limestone, such as the Houses of Parliament.

Our quarry at Swaddywells is perhaps better described as a stone engineering processing centre. Rather than just stone blocks, our advanced cutting equipment can now produce ashlar cladding pieces allowing natural limestone to be used as either a fully constructional element or a lightweight cladding material.

Our expert sawing and cropping techniques, which include sawing on bed in heights of 65, 90, 115 and 140mm, make the natural stone easier to lay and means that it can be used by normal bricklayers as well as specialist stonemasons.

As we’ve worked with the local authority to gain planning permission for our own quarry extension, we’re familiar with the demands made on housebuilders.

national house builders stamford stone

Taylor Wimpey chose us to supply three different materials for their developments at Dragonfly Meadows at Pineham, Radstone Fields in Brackley and Exeter Fields – for this last project, they specified 4086 sq m2 of our local Clipsham limestone for 400 new homes, enhancing their vision of a sustainable and attractive mixed-use development. We also supplied Linden Homes with Clipsham limestone which was used not only in block form to create the exteriors but also for paving and garden walls at the properties.

Nothing went to waste

Offcuts were used to create dry stone walls within the development and to produce matching decorative stone in the gardens. A true example of seamless integration with the environment.

If you’re a housebuilder, self-builder, architect or specifier, call us on 01780 740970 to find out more about how we can make your projects more cost-effective. We’d be delighted to hear from you.