Why it’s important to choose a quality stone supplier

February 15, 2018   |   By

When you’re sourcing stone for your projects, choosing a quality stone supplier is really important. Here’s why.

Why it's important to choose a quality stone supplier

Ethical sourcing

It’s a sad fact that the stone industry in many countries is very poorly regulated. Issues can range from corruption to human rights abuse – including modern slavery and even child labour. A quality stone supplier will be committed to ethically sourced stone. This might originate either from their own quarries, or from tried-and-tested producers with unquestionable credentials.

Environmental impact

stamford stone clients sustainability

Where possible, buy locally quarried stone from a quality stone supplier. Stone from places like India or China may be cheaper, but the quality simply isn’t as good. And the environmental cost of transporting it over thousands of miles is huge – up to five times the carbon emissions of UK-quarried stone.

Stone quality

When you’re building in stone, you’ll want the finished product to look great – and last a lifetime. Durability – and a great finish – isn’t just down to the quality of the base stone itself, but also the way it has been quarried and manufactured. A quality stone supplier will scrutinise the producer’s quality control and manufacturing processes to ensure a brilliant end result that will stand the test of time.

Take a look at the photograph below for a clear indication of why this matters. You can see from the Ashlar that the stonework is out of square and that there’s variation in colour – this is particularly obvious around the bottom left window.

poorly finished ashlar stone

Our commitment to quality and precision is evident in the projects we’ve worked on. The Orangery at Rushton Hall, for example. This is how Ashlar should look.

correctly finished ashlar stone

Bespoke requirements

There are times when an off-the-shelf stone product just won’t do. A quality stone supplier will be flexible about helping you achieve the right finish – with skilled master stonemasons on hand to produce bespoke made-to-order pieces to your precise requirements.

Manufacturing process

state of the art production facilities

Building with stone dates back many centuries – in fact, stone is probably the oldest building material ever used by man. A quality stone supplier will combine the best ancient masonry techniques with modern technology by investing in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. This means you get accurately cut stone (with tolerances of as little as 2mm) and skilful stone carving – all with minimal waste.

Staff training

Selecting and manufacturing stone need skills and techniques that take many years to perfect. A quality stone supplier will recruit good people. What’s more, they’ll invest in ongoing training and development to keep them at the top of their game. This is the only way to ensure consistent quality of stone products and service – time after time.

Investment in sustainability

stamford stone environmentally aware

Stone is a valuable natural resource. As a result, stone quarrying needs to be undertaken sensitively – with a close eye on sustainability and protecting the natural environment. A good quality stone supplier will only source stone from socially and environmentally responsible quarry operators – people who are committed to minimising the impact of their activities on the local landscape, people and the environment.

Peace of mind

When installed correctly, stone should last a lifetime – or longer. A good quality stone supplier will be able to advise you on stone care to help keep your stone in tip-top condition. They should also be happy to provide a comprehensive warranty with any stone products they sell. This gives you complete peace of mind – and added confidence in your choice of supplier.

We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of limestone and masonry. In addition, we own and operate quarries on the famous Lincolnshire limestone belt. Our reserves of top quality limestone are guaranteed for the next 30 years. Consequently, quality is at the heart of everything we do – and our recent projects and client testimonials are our strongest marketing tool.