Clipsham limestone cropped walling now available

July 16, 2018   |   By

Following our recent acquisition of the Clipsham Quarry Company, we’re pleased to announce that we are now the worldwide sole supplier of Clipsham limestone. It’s an exciting addition to our portfolio of top quality building stone products. What’s more, it’s a great colour and texture match for Pury End limestone and Blisworth limestone.

clipsham limestone cropped walling stone

Clipsham limestone has been popular for building projects throughout history, dating back at least as far as Roman times. That’s when – amongst other things – it formed the foundations for long stretches of the Great North Road.

Fast forward to more recent times. Clipsham limestone came to the rescue in a major restoration of the Palace of Westminster and the House of Commons. In fact, over the last century it has featured widely throughout the UK in all sorts of restoration work. It particularly comes into its own where other less robust strains of limestone haven’t withstood the test of time.

About Clipsham limestone

clipsham limestone palace of Westminster

Limestone is a sedimentary rock, made up of animal shells and other debris. It became compacted on the ocean floor for millions of years, mixing with mud and gradually hardening to rock. Clipsham limestone is part of the Lincolnshire limestone belt created 170 million years ago.

Clipsham is a warm classic walling limestone that’s remarkably robust, yet easy to work. It has a subtle blue/grey variation similar to the limestones quarried across our neighbouring county of Northamptonshire – perhaps most notably Pury End limestone and Blisworth limestone. The Pury End limestone quarry is near Towcester in Northamptonshire and Blisworth limestone comes from the area between Towcester and Northampton.

Clipsham limestone is also similar in colour to Cotswold stone, so it’s ideal for new builds and sympathetic renovations. As a result, it is perfect for use in the traditional Cotswold stone counties of Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire.

Secure for years to come

clipsham limestone cropped walling

Fortunately, the Romans – and subsequent generations of quarry operators at Clipsham – didn’t use up all the stocks! The good news is that plenty of this classic limestone is left for today’s housebuilders, developers, self-builders and landscapers. In fact, our surveys indicate the remaining reserves to be well over four million tonnes, so there’s plenty of scope for builders today, tomorrow and for a long time into the future.

Investment in production

clipsham limestone

With our efficient state-of-the-art production facility, we can deliver over 1,000 square metres of building limestone every week. We currently offer Clipsham limestone in tonne bags. Each bag contains individually graded sizes of 2”, 3”, 4”, 5” or 6”, with a standard width of 150mm. Each tonne bag will yield between 3.5 and 4 square metres of walling.

The team at Stamford Stone are very excited to bring this great new limestone product to market, complementing the existing wide choice of building stone available.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Pury End limestone or Blisworth limestone, please contact us for more information on the full range of options, including our new Clipsham limestone cropped walling.