Our Quarries

Our passion goes beyond simply supplying architectural stone and flooring.

The Lincolnshire limestone you buy is sourced from our own quarries. You can therefore be confident about provenance and reassured about consistency. With resources guaranteed for the next 30 years, your stone supply is safe.

Meeting your needs.

You can count on us to help you restore and preserve more of the nation’s most loved buildings as well as contribute to beautiful new ones.

We can produce walling stone and masonry as well as supplying block stone and aggregates direct from the quarry. Just give us a call to tell us what you need.

Introducing our quarries

Investment has always been important to us. We are proud to use the past to build the future. In 2001, we bought Clipsham Quarry (Medwells), originally opened in 1903 by the Medwell family. This secured our supply of the finest quality limestone and block stone.

In 2014 we added Greetham Quarry, boosting our ability to satisfy commercial, housebuilding and conservation projects with a wider range of products.

Clipsham Medwells Quarry

This particular quarry is unique because the beds from which we extract walling stone are very similar in colour and composition. As a result, the supply is consistent, giving our customers continuity and peace of mind about quality.

Greetham Quarry

Since 1998, Greetham Quarry has supplied us with walling and flooring block stone. Less than 2 miles from the A1, it’s conveniently located in the heart of the country in England’s smallest county.

In 2014, we seized an opportunity to take this quarry over from the Frimstone Group, guaranteeing even more reserves and widening our offer to our customers.

Excellent production facilities

Quarrying raw material and preparing it for commercial use takes great skill.

It’s a blend of innovation with traditional craftsmanship. Therefore, we have invested in some of the most advanced cutting technology on the market. Our CNC machine interprets design data and cuts stone automatically, resulting in better efficiency, greater productivity and less waste.

To boost our flooring range, we installed a fully automated Donatoni tile line – combined with our Lincolnshire quarries, this means we have capacity to produce approximately 1000 m² of limestone tiles per week.

Did you know…?

  • Every year, we quarry approximately 20,000 tonnes of premium grade masonry block from Clipsham.
  • We produce 75,000 tonnes of block stone from Greetham for flooring and aggregate.
  • At Swaddywell, we produce up to 40,000 m² of walling stone and 26,000 m² of flooring stone.

Operating quarries is by nature disruptive. As a socially and environmentally responsible business, we try hard to minimise the impacts of this investment and development. Consequently, we have in place a restoration programme. This makes provision for ways to conserve soil as well as establish areas for seeding and plants to enhance the landscape and protect the biodiversity.

If you’re interested in knowing more, you can view the final restoration plan for Clipsham Medwells Quarry here. You may also find what we have to say about Environment and Sustainability interesting.

Quarries are fascinating places. We’d love to show you how we extract limestone and prepare it for building. To find out when the next quarry visit is taking place, call us on 01780 740970.

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