Wall Capping

Copings protect the wall by weighing down the courses, bonding the faces together so that the wall settles into a solid unit. Without copings, walls have a tendency to flake away course by course. Stone wall capping provides your exterior walls with the beauty and protection they deserve.

Masonry coping

A coping’s primary function is to divert water away from the wall. We offer a choice of coping depending on your requirements – once or twice weathered, coping with intricate detail, curved or radial. We can also work on site to advise on the right kind of stone and to make sure the design is spot on – whether you’re a customer, contractor or an architect, please contact us for free advice on stone wall capping.

Cock ‘n’ hen capping

In areas like the Cotswolds, ‘cock ‘n hen’ coping stones are very common. These are thin individual pieces of stone placed on end at right angles across the top of the wall, similar to local ragstone. We source our cock ‘n’ hen capping from a small local quarry.

Pitch face, half round capping

Half round capping is manufactured from our hardest blue / brown Clipsham limestone, pitched face by hand: it’s a neat, distinctive and incredibly durable coping stone.

For more information on our wall coping, call us on 01780 740970 or email sales@stamfordstone.co.uk.

Piers, Pillars and Pier Caps

Piers, pillars and pier caps will create an impressive entrance to your home. Ashlar walling stone or moulded gate piers can be finished with flat pier caps, weathered pier caps, or pier caps with decorative mouldings. If you’re looking for extra decoration, we can also produce spheres and finials to top the pier cap.

For more information on our pier caps, call us on 01780 740970 or email sales@stamfordstone.co.uk.