Monuments capture the imagination. Created to mark a moment in time, it’s only fitting, then, that they’re crafted from the most enduring of materials.

From the birth of civilisation, natural stone has always been a very popular choice for buildings of significance. Think back to the Pyramids, four thousand years ago when the Egyptians used limestone to entomb the souls of pharaohs.

Times may have changed, but the beauty of stone remains.

Monuments as a fitting legacy

What other resource stands up to the passing of time? Architects and designers choose natural stone to mark our accomplishments as well as honour significant people or occasions. All over the world, monuments continue to amaze us. The enigmatic Sphinx has captivated generations, the majesty of Mount Rushmore attracts huge numbers of tourists and the mystery of Stonehenge remains… stone is an intrinsic part of their appeal.

You’ll often see marble, limestone and granite used for private and public buildings today. Consequently, natural stone is ideal for cultural landmarks and monuments. It will always be a symbol of permanence, respect and honour.

What’s more, now we can combine advances in technology with this wonderful natural resource to create monuments of timeless beauty.

Capturing a moment in history

The Iraq and Afghanistan war memorial unveiled in March 2017 by the Queen was a moment of national significance – and also of great pride for us here at Stamford Stone.

We were commissioned to shape the great blocks which make up this memorial, because we own one of the few computerised stone-cutting machines in the country big enough for the task.

Designed by sculptor Paul Day, the London monument bears no names. The monoliths commemorate the twin themes of duty and service. You can read more about our contribution here.

At Stamford Stone, we’re proud of our royal connections. We’ve supplied stone for Windsor Castle and are heavily involved in the restoration of the Houses of Parliament.

Experts in architectural stone

We’re able to tackle highly specialised projects like this thanks to our investment in technology and the skill of our people. As a result, our limestone is popular with leading architects, designers and sculptors. Owning and operating our quarries means we can ensure consistency of supply and guaranteed stock.

We love a challenge so if you are looking for support with monuments, sculptures or memorials, please call us on 01780 740970 or get in touch here.