In today’s environmentally aware society, recycled and secondary materials now account for 29% of the UK’s aggregates market – the second highest in Europe!

At Stamford Stone, we’re proud to contribute to this. We produce the highest quality limestone aggregates at our Greetham Quarry, less than 2 miles from the A1.

Respecting resources matters to us. Consequently, we’re very committed to keeping our plant and processing centre up to date so you can be confident of the quality, consistency and continuity of our limestone aggregates. Everything we produce meets relevant specifications for size and grading.

Flexibility in our supply of aggregates

You can buy aggregate in different sizes, including 20mm, 50mm, 75mm clean & 100mm down aggregate. It’s suitable for use in major developments (schools, hospitals, roads and housing) as well as domestic projects such as shed bases. You can also use it for tracks, driveways, arenas, pitches and to help with drainage.

We’re flexible about quantities and happy to sell in bulk, small van loads or bags. You can collect from the quarries or take advantage of our direct delivery to site service, whichever suits you best. Just give us a call on 01780 740970 and let us know what you need.

The benefits of choosing agricultural lime

For years, farmers have chosen agricultural lime to improve their land. It can make a tremendous difference to the potential productivity of arable and grassland farming. Compared with fertilisers, applying naturally quarried agricultural lime has long lasting benefits. It’s low cost, easy to apply and will reduce acidity.

How agricultural lime helps farmers

Adding limestone helps to stabilise soil acidity, improves the condition of the soil and enhances mineral content. It is universally recognised for its ability to improve crop growth and yields by limiting the effects of high soil acidity.

We can sell this in bulk, direct from our quarries. For more information, call us on 01780 740970 or contact us.