Housing Development, Linden Homes, Drover’s Mead

The Challenge

The award-winning Drover’s Mead development by Linden Homes is a wonderful example of the benefits that natural stone brings to modern homes in a rural setting.

Project Details

We worked closely with Linden Homes and South Kesteven Local Authority to create 24 beautiful homes that nestle comfortably in their surroundings. By enhancing the exterior of the property, you sow the seeds of expectation for the overall specification, and there is nothing quite like natural stone to convey quality and class.

Investing in technology and advanced cutting equipment means we can now produce ashlar pieces, making it easier for our Clipsham limestone to be used as either a fully constructional element or a lightweight cladding material.

For Drover’s Mead, all the Clipsham limestone we supplied was quarried and engineered in Helpston so it ticks the box for local provenance and sustainability as well as preserving the aesthetic appeal of this area, famous for its stone architecture.

“We consider it very important that locally sourced, natural materials are used wherever possible in developments in a historic environment context. We also recognise the contribution that sourcing local, natural materials such as Clipsham limestone make towards preserving traditional skills that are integral to its use.”

Ian Wright, South Kesteven District Council Principal Conservation Officer

The Difference

It’s always satisfying to see our stone used to build a community. The project for Linden Homes is a superb example of our ability to supply Clipsham limestone for any development, whether this is traditional block stone or contemporary ashlar cladding. In this case, it was chosen not only in block form, but also for landscaping, garden walls and paving.

The stunning Drover’s Mead development has enhanced the village, bringing in new opportunities for families to enjoy a very desirable location. While the homes may look traditional, they were thoughtfully designed to reduce running costs and energy bills and blend natural Clipsham limestone with contemporary joinery.

Nothing went to waste – offcuts were used to create dry stone walls within the development and to produce matching decorative stone in the gardens. A true example of seamless integration with the environment.

The Drover’s Mead properties have now matured since their completion and have gone on to be recognised as a class leading development, securing top spot in the Peterborough Development and Environment Award’s Design Category of Best Multi-Dwelling in the residential category.

We were delighted to have been able to source natural materials, like those provided by Stamford Stone, to ensure we met with all local authority planning requirements, while offering our customers something very special.

Linden Homes was recognised for the tremendous amount of care and consideration that went in to designing these family homes, and to be supported by local and reliable suppliers made the job even smoother.
We take great pride in our designs and materials and to enlist the expertise of a company like Stamford Stone to help us achieve the look and feel of these homes was a bonus.

Barry Maynard, Technical Director, Linden Homes