Self Builders

Figures suggest that self-build projects account for 7-10% of new housing in England each year.

This is backed up by research, revealing that more than half of the population would like to build their own home at some stage in their lives. The appeal is clear… it’s a chance to design and build a home that is totally in keeping with the way you live and your preferences.

If you’re willing to learn a few tricks of the trade and manage the project yourself, you can save money – and gain immense satisfaction!

An increasingly popular choice

You’ll find that there’s a lot of support for self-builders. We’ve contributed to many self-build projects (check out our case studies to see a couple of memorable ones) and are happy to give you advice and recommendations.

Building your own home doesn’t have to be a hard slog from start to finish. It’s entirely up you on how involved you choose to be! Some of our self-build clients prefer to work with an architect and get trade experts in; others tackle it all themselves.

Whatever the scope of your self-build project, we’re here to help you make your dream come true.

A helping hand

When you’re managing your own self-build project, it’s important to surround yourself with experts you trust. We’re happy to guide you through the design process and give you the benefit of our expertise.

See above for inspirational ways to approach your project. We especially enjoyed the challenge of helping one client design and build a period eco-house.

Don’t forget that we’re on your side. When you’re ready to discuss your self-build project, just give us a call on 01780 740970 or contact us here. Find out how fellow self-builders got on by downloading our case studies.