Block Stone

We’re proud to supply best quality block stone to customers all over the UK.

Blocks are extracted from the quarry face by plugs and feathers after drilling – we never use blasting techniques. Consequently, our blocks leave the quarry in perfect condition after being selected by our experienced quarry team.

You can buy blocks in different formats, typically from 2 – 10 tonnes. For more information, call us on 01780 740970 or contact us.

Where does our block stone come from?

We source our block stone from our own quarry. Clipsham Medwells is unique because the quarry beds from which we extract walling stone are very similar in colour and composition. This guarantees consistency and maintains continuity in our supply. Other beds contain a hard limestone with a close pore structure – this is ideal for masonry work, feature stone masonry and internal flooring.

Where can you find our block stone?

Clipsham limestone is the most renowned of all the Lincolnshire limestones. Popular with planners and architects, Clipsham is a great alternative to Bath, Portland and Ketton stone. Over the years it’s proven to be durable, malleable and resilient. Aesthetic appeal also helps: its ever popular honey colouring sits perfectly in the majority of limestone landscapes, from the City of London to Cotswold stone villages.

You’ll probably be familiar with Clipsham stone for its use in iconic buildings like Windsor Castle, Cambridge colleges and in restoration projects including The House of Commons.

As a result, its reputation endures. This is due in part to its specification in historical buildings and ongoing popularity with stonemasons. Modern housebuilders are also choosing natural stone for new developments.

What does the future hold for block stone?

For continuity of supply, you need look no further. Investment in our quarries guarantees our block supply for the next 30 years.

What’s more, we’ve already started planning the restoration programme to preserve the landscape and protect biodiversity. Conscious of our ethical and environmental responsibility, we have taken into account practical operational issues, local character and conservation issues.

You can view the final restoration plan here as well as find out more about our commitment to the environment and sustainability.

Finally, if you have any questions about our block stone or need a quote, feel free to call us on 01780 740970.