Walling Stone

Choose walling stone that’s been locally sourced. It ticks all the boxes for sustainability and provenance.

An expert team produces our signature walling stone using sawn, cropped and tumbled techniques. Especially popular in conservation areas, our walling stone makes stunning boundaries.

Preparing the stone

It’s all in the preparation. For ease of laying, we saw our stone on the bed in heights of 65, 90,115 and 140mm. After that, the face is then cropped by guillotine at 110mm (the width of a standard cavity wall), leaving a textured face exposing intricate shell formations. Next, we crop the stone randomly for an authentic feel and then tumble it to remove sharp edges. Man takes over from machine in the final stages. Each piece is finished by hand thanks to the skill of our experienced stonemasons.

Flexible solutions

You’ll be able to source three different types of walling stone, depending on your project, your design and your budget. Take a look below at what we currently offer. For more information about each stone or to request a sample, call us on 01780 740970.


Its rich warm honey tones make our signature stone a firm favourite with architects, specifiers and housebuilders all over the country. Arguably the hardest of all the Lincolnshire limestones, it brings beauty and resilience to every project.


walling stone clipsham detail


A paler local stone which remains popular throughout Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire as an alternative to the now defunct Tadcaster limestone. We recommend this stone for larger course heights.


walling stone greetham detail


A distinctive and highly sought after red coloured limestone, with subtle blue veining. Ironstone country stretches from Leicestershire through Rutland, Northamptonshire and down to the Cotswolds.


walling stone ironstone detail

Cropped Walling Stone

You’ll also be able to source cropped walling stone from us – both new and reclaimed. Laying this stone takes a little more time, but the results are worth it – you’ll get a stunning traditional effect, especially suitable for extensions, period properties or in dry stone walls.

Grey Cropped

Quarried in neighbouring Northamptonshire, this type of walling stone is particularly suitable for courses in 2, 3 and 4″ and in bed widths of 150mm. Many people choose it as an alternative to reclaimed walling – aesthetically similar and less waste.


grey cropped walling stone detail

Cream Cropped

Quarried in the Cotswolds, this honey coloured limestone is available in 3, 4 & 5″ course heights, and 150mm on bed.


cream cropped walling stone detail

Reclaimed Cropped Walling Stone

Why choose reclaimed cropped walling stone?

Architects and builders are already aware of the benefits of reclaimed stone: naturally weathered and inherently full of character, it’s a great choice for walls. What’s more, it’s enjoying a surge in popularity in period properties or projects where aged authenticity matters.

Not sure how much you need?

Just give us a call. We can supply large quantities of reclaimed stone for diverse uses. You’ll know exactly where it’s come from, too. Locally sourced with clear provenance, we’ll include a random selection of shapes and sizes.


reclaimed-cropped walling stone detail

Ashlar Walling

Characterised by its smooth, even faces and square edges, ashlar walling is the stone of choice for many magnificent buildings such as Bath’s striking Royal Crescent!

You’ll often see it as exterior cladding in commercial and contemporary developments, especially in urban areas.

Bespoke Walling

We understand that some projects require more specialist expertise.

When you need specific course heights or face types to meet planning restrictions, talk to us about how we can help. You can call us on 01780 740970 or contact us.