When you embark on a commercial project, you’re shaping history. What made ancient landmarks stand the test of time? Easy. It was their durability, robust performance and ability to withstand the elements.

Call us old-fashioned at heart. Using modern, man-made materials for a building can sometimes clash with the environment around it. This is particularly true for buildings in areas of natural beauty or in historic locations.

Other materials like wood, metal and cement can all expand or contract as temperatures change – with natural stone, this is not such a risk. It remains consistent and resilient, even in extreme weather.

Using natural stone anchors a building to its surroundings. We’re always delighted to bring the beauty of our stone to diverse projects – especially in our local area where it harmonises perfectly with existing buildings.

No synthetic ingredients

Natural stone comes straight from the earth. It doesn’t need additives or preservatives, just careful handling and skilful shaping. There’s something very satisfying about using the past to invest in the future. You can find out more about natural stone as a healthier choice here inside a building as well as externally.

Low environmental impact

This is especially true when you choose local stone for your projects – it immediately reduces transport costs. At our quarries, modern techniques make it easier and more efficient than ever to extract and prepare our stone for commercial use.

Further to this, natural stone’s density has energy-saving benefits – creating fewer kilograms of CO2 per ton than general concrete, slate, timber, or steel.

A popular choice for commercial buildings

We’ve noticed increasing demand for natural stone in commercial building projects – testimony to its versatility and design flexibility. Architects in particular have always appreciated its inherent beauty but it’s interesting that other specifiers are now choosing natural stone for their projects.

In addition, designers suggest that using natural stone for both external and internal walls, adds to a sense of peace and security for occupants – and the resilience of stone flooring for high traffic buildings is undeniable.

We’d love to help with your next commercial project. Please let us know if you’re looking for support by calling us on 01780 740970 or you can get in touch here.