Self-build project with stone dressing

The Challenge

Given its location near the beautiful stone town of Stamford, our client was very keen to preserve the aesthetic appeal of his property. He had originally considered building his home in reconstituted material but after doing a little research, he realised that concrete made to look like natural stone wasn’t going to be the right solution.

After looking at houses in the area that had been built 5 – 10 years ago, it became obvious which were not natural stone. By comparison, the reconstituted builds looked lifeless and dreary, sometimes showing aggregate as the material wore.

In contrast, the homes built in natural stone seemed to weather much better, blending in beautifully with their surroundings. Once the client had decided on natural stone, his architects recommended us as a supplier, given our experience and expertise with this building material.

The Difference

Natural stone ticks the box for aesthetic appeal – its variations in colour and tone as well as the expert manner in which it is sawn and cropped by our skilled team combine to create a truly gorgeous appearance.

So choosing natural stone over reconstituted material was a key factor for our client. After witnessing the visual difference between both products over a period of time, it was an easy decision.

It was also important that his property harmonised with other homes nearby. Many architects and builders prefer to use stone that’s sourced locally for this very reason. All bespoke stone work for Mr Lancaster was quarried at our Clipsham quarry and manufactured at our stone processing centre in Helpston.

Part of Mr Lancaster’s vision was to include distinctive door surrounds and a feature balcony. He asked our technical team to come up with design ideas, which resulted in a more elegant version of the large free-standing stone portico that he originally had in mind.

The result? A bespoke home enhanced by a local resource that will stand the test of time.

We were very impressed with Stamford Stone. One thing we noted when visiting was the large amount of stock that they kept which meant there were no delays to starting the work as soon as we had planning permission approved. A big bonus for us.

We are delighted with our investment in natural stone and would wholeheartedly recommend it as a building material and Stamford Stone as a supplier.