Architectural Services

You can count on us for expert advice and guidance on a range of architectural services. Whether you’re looking for drawings or designs, you’re going to find our vast experience of stone and its use in architectural masonry invaluable.

First of all, we don’t simply own the quarries and supply the stone. Our love of stone runs much deeper than that. We’ve grown and nurtured a team of experts who can support you in every aspect of designing, building and renovating with natural stone.

From extending and improving to wholesale change or refurbishments, we offer architectural services to diverse sectors. We’ve worked on projects with national housebuilders, self-builders, universities, hotels, churches, commercial developments and plenty of private residences.

Discover the glorious flexibility of natural stone

Stone is an extremely versatile material which can be shaped or fixed to suit most design briefs.

Take a look at the architectural services we can supply covering all stages of work from concept to completion. These include interior design, extensions, new builds, features and fittings, refurbishments and conservation projects:

  • Client consultation and initial feasibility for stonework
  • Project design
  • Support with planning applications and local authority submissions
  • Working drawings
  • 3D visualisation

Stone detailing & CAD design

We’ve worked closely with architects, specifiers and contractors for many years to ensure every concept is turned into a building that can be constructed with minimal problems – one that remains as faithful as possible to the original design.

What’s more, this is applicable to any (and every) project. You might need a single window or an entire house, or even high-end prestige developments, whether residential or commercial. It also includes the design of stone stairs, which can be especially tricky with single or multiple flights, to fit into a variety of stairwell outlines.

You’re in safe hands. We can advise on the jointing layout and any structural or secondary steel requirements, as well as more aesthetic considerations involved in facades, such as mouldings.

Drawings to suit your design

For all projects, we are able to provide a range of drawings as required. This might be a basic hand-drawn sketch or fully-detailed construction drawings, showing all dimensions, stone joints, datums, stone numbers and any fixing details necessary.

Sustainably sourced stone from local quarries

We’ve been creating works of art using stone since 1997. For bespoke design projects, we prefer using stone sourced from our own quarries. This gives you peace of mind about provenance. What’s more, we have plenty of reserves so you can be confident about continuity, too.

Our approach is to work alongside you in partnership. Our aim is to deliver the maximum impact possible while reducing or keeping down costs where feasible.

Take a look at our Case Studies and Recent Projects to see what we can offer in greater detail.

In addition, you can also download our architectural and designer stonework brochure.

To discuss a specific project, talk to our stone specialist and technical expert Mark Porter. You can call him on 01780 740970 or get in touch here.